Condoms: “Rubber” booties?

I had friends over for dinner last night.  It was nice to introduce some of my old and new friends to each other.  Everybody laughed a lot, especially when my 79-year old neighbor told everyone her latest great idea.  She was telling us how dirty her dog, Jock (a Shih Tzu), gets every time she takes him for a walk, which she does twice a day.  She bought him doggie booties, but they’re useless, won’t stay on.  So she was thinking that she might try using condoms, ’cause she figured she could roll them up his legs, then take them off, rinse and re-use them – problem solved.  She just wasn’t sure she was brave enough to ask the pharmacist which brand to buy – “Can you imagine what he’s going to think when I tell him I want the strongest ones so they don’t break too soon?”  To which another of my friends, whose husband was at the table, responded, “But doesn’t it say on the box that they’re single use only?”


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