Welcome to my site.

Under My Words, My Art, you will find poems and stories authored by me as well as my photographs and photo-based artwork.  You may also find the occasional drawing or print, or a link to take you to someone else’s work I think is wonderful.

The contents of My Words, My Art are my intellectual property (except where otherwise noted) and all rights to print and profit from same belong to me.  These words and images are also precious to me, so while I want you to enjoy them (and feel free to link to my pages), please do not reprint their content.  If you want a copy of any of my work, it is likely for sale for a reasonable price.

Under My Thoughts, you’ll find those (mostly) brief posts sharing funny incidents and my thoughts and reflections.  Hopefully these will either amuse you or serve as food for thought for you.

I hope you will enjoy your visit and come back soon and often.

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